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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Caring for a person with dementia at home already comes with challenges. Coronavirus has for many made things more difficult and added to an already stressful situation. At this time, be sure to look after yourself as well as the person you’re caring for. Everybody connected with the Langport Dementia Action Alliance offers our wholehearted support to carers, healthcare workers, supermarket staff and people living with dementia during this challenging time. It is important to continue to follow government advice on helping to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Living with dementia at any time brings everyday challenges for the person and those around them. Coronavirus is making daily life much harder. Many may feel anxious, scared or lonely whilst the threat of coronavirus remains real and it may seem like that life will not fully return to normal any time soon remember you are not alone – help is available.

If you or anyone you know is in need of a little support then please do contact Langport Cares, a volunteer led community good neighbours scheme serving Langport and the surrounding villages. Langport Cares offers a service in their community for those in need of help and support. The people who may need support may be the elderly, disabled, single parents, young families, those temporarily in need through illness or anyone who may be isolated within the community - and at this time those who are isolating for whatever reason.

If you, a family member or someone you care for have been using services set up specifically for shielding or self-isolating individuals, and you would like ongoing Post shielding support then Langport Cares may enable to help.

Langport Cares is not here to replace the work done by Social Services and other professional care agencies. They operate and on a more personal level than many agency-led schemes, often starting as simple offers of help to an acquaintance in need.

If you would like a little help in things like getting shopping or a prescription to Letter-writing and form-filling then feel free to contact them: 01485 251881 or email langportcares@gmail.com.

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