Creating a dementia-friendly generation

As a local Dementia Action Alliance we are doing our part to help educate and raise awareness with children and young people (ages 5-25) about dementia and through supporting social action in our local community we are enabling and empowering the next generation to be dementia-friendly.

A third of young people know someone living with dementia. With over two million people developing dementia in the next ten years, most people will know someone affected by the condition in their lifetime.


We want every young person to understand what it's like to live with dementia. Through teaching each about dementia in the local primary and second schools and youth organisations we will help create a dementia-friendly generation.

If you would like us to run a Dementia Friends session with your young people then please contact us. Dementia Friends Information Sessions are one hour, awareness-raising sessions about what it is like to live with dementia and how we can all contribute to make our communities more dementia-friendly. They are run by Dementia Friends Champion volunteers and are suitable for anyone aged 5+.

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