Langport Safe Places Scheme

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The local Safe Place scheme has been designed to help vulnerable people, including those with dementia or a learning disability, who can become lost and confused.

Langport Area Dementia Action Alliance in partnership with Somerset Police launched the Safe Place Scheme and since then it has gone from strength to strength.


The scheme involves local shops and businesses becoming safe places for individuals through undergoing training and information to follow if someone needs help.

If you come across someone who cannot remember what they are doing or how to get home you can call 101 and a member of the Policing team will take them to one of the local care homes as a Safe Place until family or carers can be contacted.  

Anyone can join the free scheme and once they have joined they will be given a personalised card with their details and who to contact if they need support. The card will also have police contact numbers for emergency and non-emergency situations.